Princess Tutu Doodle-a-thon!
Hello and welcome! This blog is for the sharing and creating of Princess Tutu doodles! Replying to each others doodles with more doodles is more than encouraged! Have fun and doodle awaaaay~!
Tutu doodles!

A few updates and a question:

First of all, thanks to slyphofblood3 for the tweaking of a lovely layout with an equally lovely color scheme for the blog!

Secondly: I’m considering setting up a Queue with 3 posts a day, since there was a very big influx of posts tonight. How do you guys feel about that? Should I queue things or just post them as they come in? Just to clarify: Part of my concern here is flooding the main fandom “Princess Tutu” tag.

Third, don’t be afraid to reply to other people’s posts! It’s great that people are doodling and submitting their ideas, but I think it will be even more fun if artists get more involved with each other! It’s not a requirement, of course—just a friendly mod suggestion. :)

Thanks, everyone. And I hope you will enjoy the doodling!

Please do answer the question if you have a moment, though (it’s important to this blog’s future)?